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A little background on PRJ001:

When I first started making music, it was because I needed an outlet. I felt like an outcast, bullied in school, and lost in general. I used to record on a small recorder, and every song had the default name "PRJ###." I recorded so much music that the recorder that the last song I created on there was titled "PRJ394." (I only used it for three years)(That's a song/idea every three days!)

Fast forward to 2016 and damn, things change yet stay the same. I'm about to be married to the love of my life, we just moved (further from home), and here I am with no income. I started having terrible panic attacks for weeks straight. I barely ate, I rarely slept, and I was becoming someone that no one knew what to do to help. I was trying to write hits to score a deal at RCA, instead of being myself and writing what comes naturally. I lost the inner child in me who believed in my dream. I fell apart, and I needed my family, friends, fiancé, and my self expression. 

It's funny, once I realized that my music didn't sound like me anymore, and I decided that I'm not going to try to write a hit (but instead write something for me that just has to get out), I wrote "Take Me Home" I needed to get that song out just as badly as that 15 year old kid recording songs on his recorder. That whole song is a true story about my father, and about life in general, the beautiful and the tragic. This happening with my dad was the wake up call for me to get myself together. Life is too short to not be doing what you love to do. From the moment I decided that I am going to truly live until I die, "PRJ001" was born.

This is "PRJ001" and I hope it helps you. I hope it helps anyone who ever feels alone, like you can't achieve your dreams, or like you can't get through something. Find your passion. Breathe. Realize how amazing it is that you are alive, what changes you have made in your life, and how far you have come. Be proud of yourself every once in a while, yet stay humble. Notice nature. Party every now and then. Don't care what anyone has to say about you or what you're doing. Ask yourself one question: Does this make you happy? If it does, then you do it as much as you possibly can. If it doesn't change what you are doing. Know that you are not alone. We all go through these dark times, and for how corny it sounds, the best things come out of the lows. Just keep riding the wave.

Please download "PRJ001" and tell me what your favorite song is! Share it with your friends and on your social media! The success of my music comes down to you and a simple share. The more people that see and hear about what I'm doing the better my chances are at getting signed and all the other fun stuff to come with it! 

                                                                                      Jacob Kulick